What exactly is Emojicode?

Emojicode is an open source, high-level, multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language consisting of emojis, that allows you to build fast cross-platform applications while having a lot of fun. And itโ€™s 100% real.

Awesome concepts.

Emojicode has got all the awesome paradigms you love: Object-orientation, Optionals, Generics and Closures.


Emojicode binaries run on the so called Real-Time Engine which works across platforms. You can use it on OS X, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian...

Small and fast.

The Emojicode Real-Time engine is not just a few times faster than common virtual machines, itโ€™s just about 100 kilobytes.


Emojicode has got a ready-to-use package system to access every part of the system.

Learn Emojicode!

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Help Building Emojicode!

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