Emojicode Guides

  1. Installing Emojicode
  2. Compile and Run Your First Program
  3. Input methods
  4. The Cookie Monster Game
  5. The Package API

Installing Emojicode



By downloading any Emojicode binary you agree to the Emojicode License. All items in the downloaded bundle are subject to this license if not otherwise noted.

You can download the SDK for you system here: https://github.com/emojicode/emojicode/releases

Instruction to build Emojicode from source can be found in the GitHub repository.


  1. Download the SDK for your system and extract the tar file. For instance:

    tar -xzf Emojicode-VERSION-YOUR-PLATFORM.tar.gz
  2. Run the install.sh script in the extracted directory:


    You might need to run it with root privileges.

  3. Probably your system is not yet ready to display emojis. While Mac OS X is, you will likely have to install the ttf-ancient-fonts on Linux.

    sudo apt-get install ttf-ancient-fonts
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