Conceptually Bright

As a multi-paradigm language Emojicode features object-orientation, optionals, generics, closures, and protocols.

Lightning Fast

Emojicode compiles to native machine code using lots of optimizations that make your code fast.

Feature Packed

Emojicode comes with a comprehensive set of default packages. And you can easily write your own.

For the Love of Emoji

We believe that Emojis have expressive force. Let’s use that to make programming more fun and accessible.

Need to see a Hello World?

🏁 🍇
  😀 🔤Hello World!🔤❗️

Learn Emojicode!

Emojicode is a straightforward language to learn, whatever background you have. Our documentation is known to be excellent and stuffed with walk-through guides and examples.

Emojicode Documentation

Get involved!

You can help Emojicode grow! Development takes place on GitHub and you’re invited to drop in.

GitHub Repo