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Looking for a tutorial? See “Compile and Run Your First Program”.

Emojicode is a language that aims to provide the most modern and powerful features to make it easy, fast and fun to write programs. These powerful features include classes, optionals, which can handle the absence of a value, generics, closures and much more.

The Language Reference & Guide assumes that you have a basic understanding of programming. It is not a tutorial but mainly describes the features of Emojicode and its use cases. It is both a guide, in that it contains examples and tips on how to use features, and is the authoritive source that prescribes how to interpret and execute Emojicode source code.

Emojicode is a strongly typed language, which means that the compiler will verify that all of your operations are correct.

Although Emojicode only uses Emojis to express the program’s structure, it is similar to programming languages you might know, like C.

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