Emojicode Documentation 1.0 beta 2


Documentation is an important part of writing good code. Emojicode therefore offers built-in tools to document your code.

Documentation Comments

Emojicode supports a special type of comments which are called Documentation Comments. The syntax is:

documentation-comment ⟢ πŸ“— documentation-comment-characters πŸ“—
documentation-comment-characters ⟢ οΏ’πŸ“— unicode | documentation-comment-characters

package-documentation-comment ⟢ πŸ“˜ package-documentation-comment-characters πŸ“˜
package-documentation-comment-characters ⟢ οΏ’πŸ“˜ unicode | package-documentation-comment-characters

Documentation comments can only occur at specific locations:

Although there is, of course, no obligation to do so, these comments traditionally use Markdown. All packages that ship with Emojicode are documented this way and are automatically compiled into the Package Index of this documentation.

The compiler furthmore offers an option to create a JSON report about a package, including all documentation added with documentation tokens. To learn more about this see Appendix: The Emojicode Compiler.

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